DJG Technical Services LTD

CCTV. Working Closely along side Hikvision we are able to provide high quality CCTV solutions and cover a number of enviroments. Including being able to setup cameras inside Barn's to provide remote coverage of animal stock.

Access Control. Our Access solutions can be implemented into a wide range of eviroments to secure sites from unauthorised entry. We are also able to implent fire alarms into these systems to ensure a safe and accurate roll call in case of fire or other emergency.

Intruder Alarms. Our wired and wireless texecom alarm solutions provide peace of mind around the security of sites and ensuring our customers can rest easy knowing that they are secured from potenital Intruders.

Remote Monitoring for CCTV and Intruder Alarms. Paired with our high end CCTV and Alarms systems we are also able to offer remote monitoring through our trusted partners that allow us to ensure your site is protected inside and out from a number of potenital intruders. Our CCTV monitoring allows intruders to be warned away from the building before having a chance to look around.

Leased Line Circuits. Our Leased line broadband allow us to supply high speed broadband to businesses and homes anywhere within the mainland UK. From 100 MBPS up to 10 GBPS we are able to work with the customer and specificy the correct speed and solution for you. We are also able to offer true fail over broadband by utilising multiple suppliers and Networks. Ensuring constant connectivity to your site.

IT Support. Our team are able to provide remote and onsite support to clients, Keeping their businesses running and ensuring your networks are kept up to date and secured. Using our remote monitoring tools to

And More. DJG Techincal Serivces works closely with a number of other businesses to make sure we are able to support our customers. Growing our relationships with other businesses allows us to make sure we are able to recommened another business where we are unable to offer support.